Watts WP5-50 Premier Five-Stage Manifold RO Water Treatment System Review

4.5 Stars

The makers of the Watts WP5-50 Premier Five-Stage Manifold RO Water Treatment System claim it is the most complete domestic water filtration system on the market. While that may or may not be true, this system is nevertheless a very good one in almost all respects. The five different stages your drinking water will go through include an initial filtering stage where sediment is removed, two additional filtration stages designed to filter out contaminants down to the microscopic level and a fourth stage in which an RO membrane prevents virtually anything else besides pure water being passed along,. A fifth stage passes water through a final filtering process as it makes its journey from the storage tank to the faucet. This RO system retails for around $200, about mid range in price as compared to similar brands and models.



The WP5-50 system features a seamless construction. What this means to the consumer is a minimal chance of leakage since the design of the unit eliminates 17 possible connections, many of which are necessary in comparable systems.

The ’50’ in WP5-50 describes the output of this system, which is 50 gallons per day, normally plenty to supply water for drinking and cooking for a large family.

This product has been NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) tested and certified.

The RO membrane effectively removes heavy metals, dangerous parasites such as giardia, and potentially harmful salts which are present in ionized form.



  • The quality of the water the RO system provides equals or exceeds bottled water, and is far cheaper, costing at most pennies per gallon.
  • Using a system such as this as a source of water for drinking and cooking make good environmental sense.
  • The system can be installed in a basement as well as under a kitchen sink. The location should however be within 50 feet of the faucet in terms of elevation, which would not be a problem in most homes.
  • The system features a limited 3-year warranty.
  • Installation can be done by the homeowner and typically takes less than two hours.
  • Manufacturers’ website provides helpful information, including FAQs.
  • Filter prices are reasonable. Standard filters can be used. Watts filters are not required.



  • Excessive concentrations of iron in the water, as is common in many well systems, can shorten the life of the RO membrane.
  • System will sometimes make a hissing sound when storage tank is filling up.



In terms of the quality of the water it produces, this system is on a par with its competitors in the same price range. Unlike some brands and models, it does not have to be installed directly under the sink to realize optimum performance. It can be installed anywhere a wastewater drain is available. The principal negative feature is the faucet. It is cheaply made and has a tendency to leak. It is suggested that you purchase a higher-quality faucet from a home improvement outlet. The result will be a system that will meet or exceed your expectations.

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