Watts Premier RO-Pure 531411 4-Stage RO System Review

3.9 Stars

This Watts Premier RO-Pure system consists of three filtration stages and a fourth stage in which a thin membrane removes remaining impurities down to the ionic level by a process known as reverse osmosis. Filters are capable of removing most particles that are a fraction of a micron in size, which is not quite enough to guarantee all potentially harmful or undesirable particles have been removed. The RO membrane can remove particles that are one-thousandth of a micron in size, which would be particles no larger than a nanometer, a billionth of a meter.



Attractiveness is not normally a selling point of a system if this type, as it will normally be installed in a location where it is out of sight. This Watts system is somewhat colorful however, as each of the four-stage elements has its own distinctive, bright color. The purpose of the color scheme is not for looks however. It acts as an aid when replacing the membrane and filters, each of which is different in construction and performs a similar, yet slightly different function. The filters should normally should be changed our annually, while the RO membrane needs to be replaced every 2 or 3 years.

In addition to the water purification elements, the system includes a storage tank, an attractive chrome gooseneck faucet, and the necessary tubing and fasteners. The four filter stages feature a quick-change capability.



  • The system is priced in the low-to-mid range.
  • Filter replacement is relatively cheap and extremely easy.
  • Filter cartridges pop in and out easily.
  • Carbon filters are relatively inexpensive, about $50 per set.
  • Installation directions are easy to follow. With the exception of the connection to the cold water line, quick-connects are used. Installation typically takes less than an hour.
  • A tee can easily be installed for running a line to the refrigerator for ice-making purposes.



  • This model would not be a suitable choice if you wish to keep fluoride in your drinking water.



The RO-Pure 531411 system is fundamentally a good water purification system and falls within a price range that most consumers likely find reasonable. Two other highly popular makes, iSpring have top selling units that sell for slightly higher. If cost is your primary consideration, this Watts RO system will be a good choice. On the other hand, this manufacturer does have a few quality control and customer service issues it needs to address. The chances of your experiencing excellent performance are good, but if you do run into a problem, and some of these units do experience leaking or have taste issue (storage tank lining), you may find getting instant help and advice difficult at times.

Similar to the Watts WP5-50 Premier, the cost of this RO system can vary significantly. It carries a ‘sticker price’ of just over $400 but it is not unreasonable to find a unit that sells at a significant discount, often for as little as $200.

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