Purenex RO-5-50 5 Stage RO Water Filter System with Storage Tank Review

3.8 Stars



This popular RO water filter system costs less than most of its nearest competitors; the Home Master TMAFC is one of the most expensive. Its functions are however the same as those of the majority of the comparable 5-stage filtration systems. The first stage removes sediment and larger particulate matter. Removal of sediment not only assists in purifying the water, but by doing so this serves to protect the downstream RO membrane, which performs its function while under pressure. The second stage of filtration utilizes as activated charcoal filter, which serves as a prefilter for particles smaller than those that typically form sediment.

The third stage of filtration removes most of the odors, organic compounds, odd tastes, and chlorine from the water. This stage also uses activated charcoal filtration. The reverse osmosis membrane in the fourth stage removes everything else, which would include particles measuring less than a nanometer or billionth of a meter in size. This would include dissolved solids, such as salts, along with the tiniest bacteria, viruses, and parasites. During the fifth and final stage, the water is filtered once again to remove any residual odors as it passes between the storage tank and the faucet.



  • The system is designed to fit under a sink.
  • It is one of the least expensive 50-gallon systems on the market.
  • A fifth stage removes tastes or odors that could be introduced by the storage tank lining.
  • Most of the parts are the same as found on higher-end models.
  • The system’s operation is whisper-quiet.
  • If you are at all mechanically inclined, you can install the system in 30 minutes.



  • You may need to use Teflon tape on some connections to stop or prevent leaking.



The Purenex RO-5-50 5 Stage RO system sells at the lower end for this type of system. You can save a significant amount of money by purchasing one and if it works as it should it will prove to be a sound investment. If you have an aptitude for installing appliances such as this, you will probably not have a problem although you will have to take some extra precautions when assembling the fittings to avoid leaks. Most purchasers find installing this system significantly more difficult that is the case with most other RO systems on the market. Having some natural ability to assemble things is practically a necessity since the instruction manual provided is of little help. You may also find yourself having to make a trip to the hardware store to get a small fitting or two as there seems to be a lack of quality control when packaging these units.

This is not a bad unit once it is up and running and can definitely give you your money’s worth if you are on a tight budget. It can be somewhat frustrating to get a unit to give you optimum performance. Ideally, you may want a plumber to install the unit for you. You can still save money and are much more apt to end up with a unit that performs to your satisfaction. At this risk of seeming a bit vague, this is not an RO system for everyone.

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