Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact RO Under Counter System Review

4.2 Stars

You will find Home Master RO systems to be somewhat more expensive than most of the other popular makes of domestic RO units, but you will definitely get what you pay for. This TMAFC under-counter system is a top of the line product. It retails for just over $400. If it happens to be within your budget, this particular model would be an excellent choice. The purity and taste of the water the RO system delivers is not unlike the purity and taste of the water that comes from an artesian well, although the water will be much more pure than is normally the case with well water.



When you want good drinking water, you want pure drinking water, but you don’t necessarily want it too pure, at least not as pure as distilled water tends to be. This RO system does something most other systems of this type do not attempt to do. It replaces two essential minerals, calcium and magnesium, which the RO membrane has removed during the purification process along with other dissolved salts, microorganisms, and other impurities. Chemicals, heavy metals, sediment and other contaminants are carried away in the wastewater. The drinking water that comes out of the faucet will have gone through seven stages of filtration and purification, but magnesium and calcium will have been reintroduced.

The filter housing is contained in an all-in one assembly so you do not have a number of separate filters to have to work with, and removing and replacing the filters is an easy, straightforward task.

The life of the filters is equal to or longer than that of comparable units. The filters need to be replaced on an annual basis.

This TMAFC unit includes a fast-flow kit, which if installed will double the flow rate through the gooseneck faucet, which comes with the kit.



  • The system produces healthy mineral water, not just plain water.
  • System replaces magnesium, which can be lost due to the copper piping common to most home fresh water plumbing systems.
  • Flow restriction components regulate the pressure on the membrane for optimum purification.
  • The volume of wastewater is minimized.
  • Unit comes fully assembled. Installation instructions are included.
  • Designed for under-the-counter installation.
  • Customer service department is quick to respond.
  • 5-year limited warranty is honored.



  • Connections to the water storage container have been known to leak on some units. This can easily be resolved by using plumber’s (Teflon) tape.



By most counts, this TMAFC system is a winner. It efficiently and effectively filters and purifies water, and after doing so adds essential, healthy minerals back into the water. Quality control at the factory could stand some improvement as there have been occasional reports of faulty connectors of misidentified parts, but your chances of getting a faulty unit are actually rather remote and there is usually no problem in getting a replacement unit should that be the case. The only cautionary note would be this. If you plan to install the system yourself, take a little extra time so you can avoid the possibility of leaks occurring at one or more of the connections since when leaks have occurred they have most often been due to imprecise installation practices.

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